Target Efficiently, Campaign Effectively

By targeting specific constituencies that represent the greatest opportunity for gains, you can focus your resources where they will matter most.

CampaignSense is a data aggregation software solution, using “big data” analytics to provide an edge to campaigns, PACs and trade associations.

CampaignSense uses sophisticated analytics to identify the issues and areas representing the greatest risks or opportunities to elections, issue advocacy or political strategic initiatives, and offers a roadmap to close strategic performance gaps — putting resources most efficiently to work.

Our Software

What We

  • Integrates numerous, relevant databases and reference files
  • Creates actionable intelligence through predictive analytics
  • Provides trend analysis to identify key focus areas
  • Enables “what-if” scenarios

Data integration system that collects, parses, standardizes, transforms, and leverages disparate data sets to generate easy to use, intelligent, strategic, “game-changing” information.


Long-term trend analysis tool for understanding voter demographics, turnout and other critical trends important to ongoing strategies in any election.

What We